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Hydrangea Flowers & Coffee is located at Hobe Sound Station,
10439 SE Federal Highway, Hobe Sound, Florida 33455

Our concept is simple but unique to the Hobe Sound region. Hydrangea enjoys serving the community’s floral needs while serving up fresh brewed coffees - sure to please every palette.

Coffee rounds, when added in the right amounts to the soil around hydrangea plants, help the plant grow and can turn pink hydrangeas into an irradiating blue.
...Coffee and hydrangeas go together in a relationship that brings out more beauty and a richness that can only be obtained when the two exist in harmony. That’s also a good summary of what our relationship with Hobe Sound is like.
Our unique floral arrangements and delicious coffees helps to bring out the best of everything in Hobe Sound and especially for Hobe Sound Station.
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